Visitor Registration


Important Note



Thank you for your support of the Fair. Online registration will be opened later.

Please read through the Visitors' Rules and Regulations thoroughly before completing registration, and acknowledge that you abide by the Visitor Rules and Regulations.

Admission to the Fair

• The Fair opens to jewellery trade buyers and the public
• Visitors under age 18 will not be admitted
• Visitors must present a valid identity card or passport upon registration
• Free admission for all visitors
• The Organiser reserves the right to issue admission badges
• Visitor registration counters close half an hour before the Fair ends


** To strengthen security measures at the fair, all attendees must display the badges and present a valid form of photo identification document# for identity verification, without which access to the exhibition will not be permitted. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse admission and forfeit the admission badge


* Pre-registration is not required for holders of a valid Trade Buyer ID. Simply present your valid Trade Buyer ID at the fair for admission.


Onsite Registration

For visitors who did not pre-register online, please bring along the ORIGINAL invitation / registration form or present your Jewellery Trade Professionals' business card with your identity document# to the registration counter.

- One ORIGINAL invitation / registration form offers one free admission
- NO photocopies of the invitation will be accepted for on-site registration

*Registration counters will be closed 30 minutes before the Fair ends

# Identity document refers to “China Identity Card”, "Hong Kong Identity Card" or "National Passport"