Why Exhibit?

With the breakthrough of the 2019 edition, the clear resource theme area partition and new resource integration of Shenzhen Jewellery Fair helps enterprises form their exclusive business model. The fair has started more thoughts on innovation, integration, fusion and mutual benefits. Unlocking the new perspective of jewellery resources, the 2020 18th Shenzhen Jewellery Fair (“JEWELLERY RESOURCES CHINA”) will move forward to drive cross-border jewellery resource integration which is highly expected by the industry.


   Brand Village


Strongly supported in recent years by leading companies such as Chow Tai Fook, Swarovski Professional, Cmoy Jade, Shanghai Laomiao Jewelry Co, Ltd, Shenzhen Kaiente Jewellery Co, Ltd, Mover Culture Co, Ltd, King Kai Fook Jewellery and others, the Brand Village has contributed to provide media exposure and business opportunities to enhance brand awareness. In the coming edition, pioneers and innovators in jewellery materials, manufacturing, design, distribution and retail will continually be selected to showcase their expertise and breakthroughs.


   Licensing Pavilion


Working with Licensing Expo China in Informa Markets’ portfolio, Licensing Pavilion 2.0 will be upgraded to dig out more IP resources in design, art and fashion profile, provide a one-stop destination for licensors, licensing agents, licensees, manufacturers, distributors and retailers to connect with each other, and explore the franchising business model in the jewellery market. For the 2019 edition, Fantawild Animation Inc, JIN (Shanghai) Culture Development Co, Ltd, Beijing Jinhang Tongbao Culture Communication Co, Ltd, Zhongchuang Wenlv and China Reading were amongst the specialists in the field.


   New Retailing


Nowadays, the purchasing power of the rising “Generation Z” continues to increase. Catering to changes in the consumer market, the New Retail Pavilion will be set up at the Shenzhen Jewellery Fair to integrate online, offline, new tech and cross-border retail resources across the industrial chain. Retailers who want to stay competitive will be engaged to generate new ideas and growth opportunities.


   Craftsmanship Innovation


China, as one of the world's largest jewellery manufacturers, has attracted international attention. Furthermore, Panyu, as a base of global jewellery supply chain, has become world-famous. Having experienced 30 years of development history, Panyu jewellers have been continually exploring and innovating, devoting themselves to make “Panyu intelligent manufacture” gain public praise and become world-famous. Shenzhen Jewellery Fair, as a cutting-edge platform that integrates resources of jewellery industry, will show “Panyu intelligent manufacture” to the world, interpreting the factories, people and events behind intelligent manufacture and providing jewellery dealers with superior suppliers with Panyu characteristics.



   New Fashion


Catering to the needs of young consumers who are eager to be fashionable and trendy, the Jewellery Fashion Express is a place where jewellery and fashion go hand-in-hand. Fashion institutes will be invited to bring the latest trends and provide tips in a perfect surrounding with a wide range of fashion elements, from trendy colours to delicate accessories.



   New Media


The increasing influence of digital marketing in brand strategy was evident. The New Media Resources Pavilion will gather popular and promising media resources and multi-channels to inspire and showcase how jewellery sales could be enhanced through these emerging platforms and generate a huge amount of traffic.


   The China Jewellery Market Summit


Under the theme “Jewellery Resources China”, forums and panel discussions featuring experts and professionals in the field will be held to share insights and offer participants the latest industry intelligence.


   Designer Pavilion


The Designer Pavilion will provide an ideal platform for new talents to emerge and develop. Individual designers involved are able to develop collaborative opportunities with traders and showcase latest trends.