08/01/2019 Golden Prospects

Fashionably minimalist yet inventive gold jewellery designs are drawing attention as consumers gravitate towards elegant and expressive jewellery that hints at quiet confidence.


Gold necklace by Orolo


Italian jeweller Orolo’s recent launches give classic styles a modern twist. Its Glam Flex Gold line resorts to a special technique that braids extremely thin gold wires into wondrous creations. The collection’s pieces are available in plain gold and versions embellished with gemstones. High-tech 3D casting is the technique of choice for the Premier line. Designs are rendered on the computer and then resin-printed, with the technique giving ample room for innovative shapes and forms. 


Gold necklace by Orolo


Cerise Blanche, the latest collection in Nanis’ line of REVERSE collections, draws inspiration from fairy tales, princesses, cinema lights and poets. Its jewellery pieces are made of 18-karat hand-engraved yellow gold and embellished with rubies, white opals and diamonds.


Roman Barocco gold earrings with diamonds by Roberto Coin


Roberto Coin has also enhanced its Roman Barocco collection by giving its twisted gold thread a more angular shape for greater symmetry and harmony. The design twist enables the brand to capture the diamonds in the collection’s gold jewellery pieces with a weave that is clean and precise. 


Gold jewellery from Min ral by Mandine


Dainty gold jewellery populates Min&ral, the new brand of French jeweller Mandine that aims to express individuality. The brand offers clean, modern designs that are accentuated by moonstones, chalcedony and onyx stones, lapis lazulis and mother-of-pearl, among others.