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Visitor pre-registration for Jewellery Seasons China is now open

Press Release - 20-06-2019

The China International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair – Shanghai (Shanghai Fair) will now be known as Jewellery Seasons China to reflect the event’s evolution into a trading platform for jewellery, fashion and art.

Firmly standing behind it despite the name change is the same team of professionals that has helped Shanghai Fair secure its position as one of the most important events in the industry calendar, assures Teddy Tan, Event Director - China Jewellery Fairs, Informa Markets in Asia.
“We will continue to build upon the expertise and the quality-buyer attendance Shanghai Fair is known for. Our commitment to help bring more high-calibre brands and products from Hong Kong and the world to the Chinese market, and vice-versa, is unchanging,” says Mr Tan.
The idea of combining seemingly disparate industries in one event started taking root in the fair’s recent editions. Warm reception to the unexpected yet inspiring collaborations has encouraged the fair organiser to cement the formula starting with this year’s edition.
“Shaking things up” is an understatement in describing the organiser’s goal to break through industrial boundaries. 
“We’re going to integrate different industrial resources such as jewellery, fashion and art,” Mr Tan stresses. “We will also introduce fashion authorities and art platforms and invite fashion buyers and art collectors to participate in the event. Our goal is to build a strong platform for fashion and jewellery and art appreciation.”


Fair’s role as jewellery designer incubator

Participants in the fair scheduled from 28 November–1 December 2019 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center may see iterations in the crossover event, but the Shanghai Fair’s longstanding reputation as an influential jewellery designer incubator remains as strong as ever. 
“Our mission as trade fair organiser is not only to bring industry players together, but also help promote today’s young talents who will be tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. Jewellery Seasons China is here for them to build their business skills, learn, network and tap peer- support opportunities,” says Mr Tan.

Case in point: More than 50 local and overseas independent designers will join the fair to present their latest original works. Although from various backgrounds, the designers have one unifying element: they’ve earned accolades for their works or have learned their craft in esteemed design schools worldwide. Among them are: 
•    Leo Lin – Senior Chinese-American jewellery designer with 35 years of experience in jewellery design is known for his work " Standing out as Prospect," which won the Copper Prize for Creative Design at the World Expo in Milan, Italy. 
•    SUNCHIN Jewelry – Established in 2015, its namesake founder is known as the "jewellery poet," who has earned two Gold Awards from the World Gold Association and the first Tiangong Award for jewellery design in China. SUNCHIN has introduced her take on Chinese jewellery design to the world stage in recent years through her participation in international trade shows. 
•    Tsai An Ho – Successfully combines art design with metal craftsmanship into "new art jewellery." Recent works have been offered at international auction houses, including Sotheby's.
•    Kelly Xie – A dark horse in jewellery circles in recent years, Xie has emerged to become a prominent force in China's jewellery industry because of her craftsmanship. She became the first Chinese designer to exhibit in the Design Room in the history of Vicenza Fair, Italy’s top jewellery exhibition. 
•    Stella Huang – A well-known jewellery artist in Taiwan, Huang is the first Chinese jewellery designer whose work was inspected by the World Craft Council (WCC), a UNESCO-affiliated non-profit. She is the creator of "literary jewellery " and "aromatic jewellery," concepts that depict jewellery as art and literary medium.


Coloured gemstones as investments
Coloured gemstones as investment vehicles will be one of the highlights of Jewellery Seasons China. Keen interest in coloured stones and increasing prices of gemstones were seen in recent editions of the Shanghai Fair. 

“In recent years, coloured gemstones have increasingly become very popular in the Shanghai market. Buyers have a high awareness of the value of coloured gemstones, consumption is gradually increasing. This shows the coloured gemstone market has a huge development potential,” observed Mr Tan.
Suppliers of world-renowned gemstones from Sri Lanka (royal sapphire and ruby), Brazil emerald, tourmaline, aquamarine,topaz), Australia (opal), India (cornflower sapphire, diamond, spinel) and Myanmar (Burmese rubies) will be participating. They will be joined by exhibitors such as P.N. GEMS, Shanghai Shuyu jewellery  Co Ltd, De Nice Collection, Twinkle Miss Fine jewellery, Royal Blue Gems and Guangzhou Cloud Walker Jewel Co Ltd. 
Shanghai’s choice as host city for Jewellery Seasons China couldn’t be more apt. According to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), more than 90 percent of the international luxury labels generally recognised worldwide already have a presence in Shanghai, including jewellery brands.
“This has reinforced our decision to transform the Shanghai Fair into Jewellery Seasons China,” explains Mr Tan. “Shanghai is recognised as an international metropolis, where demand for luxury goods is as strong as its business development.”  


Lifestyle crossover
Another exciting feature of Jewellery Season China is the more pronounced presence of crossover elements from the lifestyle sector. Two inspiring programs await participants: the Fashionista Lifestyle Zone, where fashion intersects with lifestyle accessories such as handbags, leather, cosmetics, home furnishings and artworks.  Experts in their respective fields will be at hand to showcase snippets of a luxury lifestyle. 
Oriental Art Space is meanwhile dedicated to promoting Chinese culture through art, furniture and clothing, among others. The more than 400-sqm Oriental Art Space is made possible by 4928 Oriental Aesthetic Space. “The company will invite internationally renowned curators to embed the Chinese quintessence of jade, kingfisher craft, traditional Chinese furniture, clothing, tea ceremony, incense ceremony, flower art and traditional musical instruments,” says Mr Tan.


Carrying these elements through to everyday life unlocks a whole new way of living for the Chinese luxury consumer. This is particularly true for millennial consumers, aged between 20 and 34, who are major drivers of China’s lifestyle market.

Mr Tan believes it’s a winning formula for everyone involved. “The fair sets the stage for brainstorming for more crossover ideas, the kinds that would spark innovations and perhaps alliances that will open up business opportunities for all involved,” he says.

Jewellery Seasons China will be held from 28 November–1 December 2019 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. Visitor pre-registration is available until November 19, 2019 at