Why Exhibit?

Intelligent selection, Cross-industry development

Shenzhen / Beijing

Based on the demand of the Jewellery industry, Informa Markets launched a brand new project "Jewellery Seasons China "in 2020 which combines trend release, business matching, industrial information sharing and online broadcast and assists professionals to obtain a large amount of industrial information and get in touch with selected high-quality suppliers.

In the face of severe domestic situation, Jewelry Season China 2022 will deepen the exploration of industrial demand on the basis of the original activities and create a more convenient business environment for buyers and suppliers.




Scale up
Jewellery Seasons China 2022 will be held in Shenzhen with a brand new 2.0 model. The scale of the event will be expanded to five times the original size to accept more high-quality suppliers and provide comprehensive information for brand owners and distributors.

Intelligent selection
There is a breakthrough comparing the original business matching mode. The matching system is used for auxiliary matching to improve the matching efficiency. Buyers and suppliers can also get more opportunities to communicate with each other effectively before the event to boost the success rate of transactions.

Diversification of modes
Retaining original product display scenes allows buyers actively select suitable suppliers to meet. In addition, Exhibitors can independently select suitable companies with adding featured brands and channels.

Group diversity
Jewellery Seasons China 2022 continues to expand the invitation of companies specializing in fine Jewellery and fashion Jewellery to purchase onsite and actively explore cross-industry companies to reach a purpose of enriching the type of supplier.